Avoid it!!! Biggest Mistakes Committed by Junior Web-designers

Everybody commits mistake during the early stages of their career as they are naïve.

However some mistakes need to be steer clear of completely to sustain your position in the company. Shaping a web-project is teamwork, as a web-designer if you commit any unacceptable mistake, it will affect the entire project and also result in failure. Junior web-designers should be very careful so that they don’t hamper their career which has just started. There is long way to go.  So if you have just kicked off your career as a designer or are planning to become a web-designer, here are some sins you need to avoid from committing for a bright future.

It’s not ME, it’s WE:

As we all know building a web project is teamwork, there is no room for ‘I’ ‘Me’ ‘My’ attitude in this line of business. Designer who has a habit of taking credit of any idea or work is never appreciated. Successful project is a result of joint effort, no single person can be held responsible for the outcome. Of course, if your work outshines others, it will be commended but there is no point in being self-seeking, you team members will notice your effort themselves.   Many design studios, do not entertain designers who are self-centered as they don’t fit for collaborative jobs.

Not paying heed:

Learning is initial part of any profession. In fact learning is a continuous process. As a novice, if you avoid learning, you can risk your job.  You also need to be very attentive.  Usually junior designers are heedless about the project discussion which is really annoying for project team. Whenever a senior designer, team member or client gives you briefing about certain project, pay complete heed and note down, so that you can work on it efficiently.

Covering mistakes:

One of the biggest mistakes as a young designer is to hide mistake. Initially, it will be daunting to work under deadlines and in such pressure situations as a fresher, you tend to make mistake. But that is fine; your mistake actually turns into sin when you try to cover it up. Any mistake can be mended only if it is shared on time with the team members or the seniors. You will definitely get help but if your try to hide, it may become unmanageable later and affect your reputation.

Afraid of getting feedback:

Until and unless, you don’t take opinion about your work, there will be no scope of improvement ad this is a real fact. Criticism is stepping stone for success, being afraid of it will do no good.  After you have completed your first creative project, take feedback of your team members. This will help you to improve your weak points as well as know what your plus points are which you polish more. It is a productive way to improve your skills as a designer.

Too much for sharing:

It is quite natural these days that whatever you do, it is announced to the world via social media platforms.  So as a new designer, you might be excited to tell the world about your creativity but think before you do it or else you might get trapped in legal issue. Sometimes the client wouldn’t love to reveal about their project before completion or would like to keep it confidential. Anything posted on social networking sites get spread like fire. Be aware about what you post and to be safe, consult your team members.

Mistakes do happen but professionalism lies in learning from those mistakes. Designing is a vying profession. To withstand the competition and for growth in website design line, not only creativity but avoiding such troublesome mistakes is also crucial.

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