Best Magento Extensions to Boost Online Sales

Nike, Samsung, Ford, Lenovo, Coca-Cola, all are different industries but still, they have something in common.

Wondering, what’s that? 7% of the top million websites are powered by Magento which includes all these biggest brands too. It emerged as the best eCommerce platform in 2013 and still holds the top spot. Despite the flooding eCommerce platforms, Magento is dominant on the online market.

Magento development ensures the site is eye-catching, smooth functional and user-friendly and for more enhanced performance, this open-source platform has cropped up with a plethora of deliver incredible experiences. Every eCommerce store may have its own needs and requirements, Magento extensions help in developing customisable stores to meet the assorted needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes. The requirements which Magento cannot hack can be fulfilled with Magento extension. To add more advantage, most of the extensions are available for free.

Here are the best Magento extensions which make this eCommerce giant more powerful:

FAQ by Magerprince:

When a potential customer visits any eCommerce store predominantly he looks for the products and customer support. To resolve the common doubts or to understand the products and services much better, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a simple resource. FAQ plays a vital role in customer support. It’s a must element on any eCommerce website and with Magento extension, you are able to create a dedicated FAQ page. The free extension for FAQ by Magerprince creates a simple way to add FAQ section where you can put up questions and answers block, relevant images, widgets and other such features that might take the potential customers one step closer to buy the product.

FireCheckout by Templates Master:

Cart abandonment is quite common in online shopping and one of the major reasons for this is inefficient checkout process. FireCheckout extension by Templates Master offers one-time checkout process which enables hassle-free shopping. The streamlines checkout module help Customers to buy quickly and easily. The checkout time has improved by 65% which is a great achievement for any eCommerce website. This extension includes a number of features like address, geolocation, auto-fill, card details etc. Shopping on the go is also made convenient as this extension is mobile-friendly.

Product Review Reminder by Magmodules:

Customer product reviews are very effective is boosting online sales. It’s a proven fact, around 95% of online shoppers, read reviews before buying a particular product. So the bottom line is product reviews is a must. One of the most popular and widely used extensions, Product Review Reminder by Magmodules is a fully automated feature that sends product review reminder to the customer after a certain number of days. It also benefits the customers with rewards like coupons etc, for their valuable feedback. This module is fully customisable and saves you a lot of time. You are assured with timely feedback which can be a great sales booster. The installation is very easy and smooth, mails automatically get delivered to customers inbox as per the time interval you choose.

AvaTax by Classy Llama:

Sales tax is complicated, however, eCommerce businesses have to manage sales, finances, taxes, efficiently. Only highly professional tools can help to track and manage all the transactions. One such trusted Magento extension that offers flawless calculation and also helps in growing your online business is AvaTax by Classy Llama. This extension manages sales tax, file returns, exemption certificates and also send payment across different tax regions, following taxability rules.

Order Manager by IWD Agency:

If the eCommerce business is running in full swing, certainly orders are going to flood. Order Manager extension by IWD will be effective to manage the orders on the Magento website. Managing each and every customer’s order or order changes is an uphill struggle. This extension makes the process smooth sailing with a simple interface. Order modification is easily done without affecting the original orders. Old data is also maintained by the customers. With Order Manager, you can update or change customer information, order payment, shipping details or directly delete the order from the store.

Watch out for this space, more amazing extensions will be listed soon.

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