Tips to Simplify your Web-design without Hampering Creativity

There is a thin line between visually appealing and visually complicated websites.

If the design is overblown, it will lose its aesthetic value and make the site look cluttered. No matter how much creativity you inject in your design, you need to streamline and balance the elements on the website to offer better user experience. Sometimes even a simplest looking website gains more traffic than highly striking website, it’s because of the minimalistic approach. However, plain website will also be a turn off for visitors. Are you designers feeling baffled about exactly what to do? Don’t worry we’ll help you out. Sleek looking website with smooth navigation is the key for successful websites.

Here’s a guide to simplify your web-designing without losing the impact of creativity:  

Don’t stuff the website with unnecessary elements (80-20 Rule):

Show less, get more! It’s the golden rule of web designing. Show minimum elements that holds high value and will help you to get desired results. Focus on website features like sidebar elements, footer links, social media buttons etc.  Follow the 80-20 rule; eliminate elements that don’t have the capability to attract potential customers. Only 20% of the design elements have the competency to get favourable results. Keep as much white-space as possible.

Cut down on number of web pages:

Too much of web pages leads to confusion and even the most crucial content goes unnoticed. It is wise and beneficial to keep minimum number of web-pages that holds important content. Visitors can get complete insight about the business, if it has minimum content and webpages. Unnecessary web pages will confuse the visitors and unfortunately they’ll miss out the pivotal business information which can have negative impact on sales.

Incorporate smooth navigation:

Did you know 50% of sales get affected due to potential customers unable to find important information on site. This is predominantly due to poor navigation. A website with clean and understandable navigation is just loved by visitors. Confusing navigation can be obstacle in user experience and cause negative impact.  Locate navigation bar or buttons where it gets easily noticed. Don’t try to do out of the box with navigation design. Continue with the classic icons, just revamp it if needed. But don’t overdo it, keep it simple for users to understand. Use same navigation pattern on each web page.

Restrict use of multiple colours on website:

Yes we understand, there are myriads of attractive colours available in colour pallet but that doesn’t mean you get carried away and make your site look colourful. At the most use 3 colours, not more than that. Try to use colours of same family, to make the site look subtle and sleek. Stick to brand colours for tailor-made look and grab user attention. Don’t use colours that distract the eyes, use soothing colours. People spend ample of time on ecommerce sites, so it is very crucial to use eye-pleasing colours to avoid irritation.

Simple is simply more in web designing. Overdesigned website drifts the site visitors’ focus from company’s message and goal which they want to convey. So keep it simple.

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