Customer Relationship
Create a web application to manage and improve customer relations
PHP (Zend), MySQL, JavaScript, C#, Phonegap, Java
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What we did

Design & development
Application development

A state-of-the-art CRM tool with impactful features, suitable for businesses of all sizes


Seamless customer experience across all devices


Data backup, updation, security support, admin management

Helping businesses to better manage and streamline the customer relationship process

Intuitive CRM system as clear as day

A web application that opens up communication between business and clients and also that automates the customer relationship process was intended. Chase CRM was crafted advisedly to bring order to the chaos and achieve maximum customer retention and satisfaction.

Manage projects. Lead tracking. Access to customer history.

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design methodology

We followed user-centric design principles to shape the CRM application. Chase CRM is made simple, intuitive and pampered with aesthetic elegance. Legible choice of fonts, applied contrasts and right iconography add more to the user experience.

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User Interface (UI)
streamlined and neatly organised

User interface is everything and that’s the strongest suit of this web application. The simple and intuitive interface makes Chase CRM easy to understand and addictive to use.

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Bang of features
saving time and effort

Lead capture, easy access to customer history, database of prospects, team-wide communication, workflow automation, all such enhanced features can enable to fine-tune the CRM system as per business needs.

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Responsive web app
access from a range of devices

It's a mobile-ready web application, users can effortlessly access, edit or add information from anywhere, anytime via any digital device.

Chase CRM is simply phenomenal, it’s keeping our office work completely hassle-free. We are typically from the non-technical background but still found this web application extremely easy to use.
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Alasdair Nicole

Madison Avenue

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