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What we did

Market Research

Competitor and SWOT analysis, lead & traffic measurement

Digital Strategy

Identify the most effective marketing and advertising channels based on historical data and forecasting


Security, backup, content updation, SSL

Web-based software solution for government and independent schools

Unquestionable requirement of digital strategy

The intuitive web-based interface built by Sentral makes school management a breeze. To reach the right target audience across Australia, a right plan of action was indeed needed. With some brainstorming, we came up with a digital strategy to proclaim the most sought-after products in their niche and leverage organic traffic.

Built awareness. Gained audience interest. Increased conversions.

Unbiased SWOT Analysis

Unbiased SWOT analysis
to capitalise the company’s strengths and opportunities

After understanding the company goals, we tried to identify competitors’ goals. Applied SWOT analysis to our digital strategy that gave the clarity of what needs to be done to stay ahead of the game. Significant changes were accordingly made to their website.

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Followed refined approach
to drive qualified leads

Sentral was in need of a quick influx of leads. Our team used historical data to forecast the future success of the company. Based on that, effective marketing and advertising channels were identified to engage the target audience and specifically bring in good-fit leads.

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no one-time task

Eventually, Sentral’s website is the best marketer of its own products hence it was a dedicated effort to keep the site fresh and optimised. The site is running at peak performance with security, timely backup, content update and SSL integration.

Our education management software though is well known, required more exposure. Webwingz offered us exceptional digital solutions that perfectly fulfilled our needs and helped us continue to move forward.
Yusuf Pingar
Yusuf Pingar

Marketing Director

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