SSL Certificate

Secure your Website Data and Transaction with SSL Certificate

Get serious if your website is not using encryption, you are inviting malware!

Google warning

If your website does not have https at the beginning of your domain URL, from October 2017, Google will mark your website as “NOT SECURE” to all those who access your website.

This will particularly harm your reputation if your brand has a strong online presence or if you run an online eCommerce store. A website without ‘S’ in HTTP is travelling everywhere without a security layer and can harm confidentiality of your user’s data and transaction. And so, soon it will be mandatory for you to buy and install an SSL certificate on all the websites you own, regardless they are eCommerce or not.

How ssl can help you
How SSL helps you?

SSL ensures the data that is transmitted to the website is safe and secured. Security Sockets Layer – SSL certificate safeguards your customer's or visitor's information as it provides encryption and authentication for your website. It builds a trust factor with your site visitors and so will get you in good books of Google. Moving ahead, this will also be one of the important factors for your website to rank on google search results.

Why to Implement SSL Certificate?

Padlock on the navigation bar and migrating from HTPP to HTTPS in URL builds confidence among the web users as it ensures them security. Google prefer HTTPS websites due to very genuine reasons.

How SSL Can Help

Any organisation having an online presence, needs to get SSL certificate and it enables HTTPS and builds an encrypted and secured connection from a web server to browser. Once your website is SSL secured, no unauthorised third-party can access the web content or confidential information from it.

  • If you are running an eCommerce website it is crucial to have SSL certificate as it ensures secured online transactions
  • Browsers indicate your website is SSL secured which enhances the trust factor in your visitors. The green bar or lock icon in the URL section is a trust stamp
  • Not just confidentiality, but with HTTPS you are assured with authenticity and integrity which is very crucial
  • SSL assures that the information is send to the correct server (owned by the website owner) and not to any third party
  • In case if you accept online payments, to get credit card details, you need to match Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards which primarily include using SSL certificate
  • Cybercriminals are prohibited from entering your secured network

What do we do
What are the Challenges?

Integrating SSL can be a challenging task. It depends on the type of server and the way it is set up. This security certificate can be generated by coding or using a software. You will need to get the software installed from an experienced professional who has good knowledge and experience of server configuration. Time taken to complete this process depends on your website hosting provider like AWS, Google cloud, Hostgator (shared), etc.

Other typical challenges are

  • Selecting SSL certificate that suits your business
  • Selecting right SSL seller
  • SSL installation on server
  • SSL certificate generation
  • Communication with the hosting team
  • Migrating all Website URLs from HTTP to HTTPS

How can we help you
How can we help you?

Webwingz SSL team can analyse your website, host server and relevant information in order to purchase the right SSL certificate and install it properly that prevent conflicts with third parties.

Google will soon be displaying a message on Google Chrome browser which points out that your website is not secured, if it’s not using HTTPS. This might not have a favourable impact on your customers.

What do we do?

  • Our technical team will analyse your business requirements and suggest you the most suitable SSL certificate plan
  • Generate the SSL certificate and install it on your domain/s
  • Migrate URLs from HTTP to HTTPS without impacting on google rankings
  • Renew SSL certificate every year promptly

Allow your visitors to land up to a secured page by integrating SSL Certificate, without delay