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Web Design Sydney established in 2000

Webwingz has been a pioneer in web and mobile space, since over 17 years and have worked in various industry verticals. Webwingz is proud of having global associations and continued relationships each year with brands in all shapes and sizes.

Having a hands on experience in building cloud and Enterprise level applications, We are specialised in leading technologies like LAMP stack, Linux, Java & Microsoft.

With high integrity of experienced and skilled resources on board, we are proud to have 100% on-time delivery ratio for all projects big and small.

Why good design?

Having a good design always reflects on your taste of choices and selections. It gives a brand, an image to look to.

When you enter a house by looking at the interiors or sensing the light / aroma, it is natural human psychology to start judging or relating thoughts with the homeowner. A website does the same. Hence it is always wise to invest time and effort on building a good design for your website.

Key to get more out of your website

Engaging your audience

A good website is measured by how well it engages with its users. You might have seen some websites that are minimal in content, but have got you engaged with them for several minutes before you browse away. Design, buttons, imagery, graphics, form elements, navigation and functionality comprise of good engaging design.

Custom designed websites (not template)

We at Webwingz feel every individual and business is unique in their own way of functioning. Hence we customise every website based on several factors like business function, brand, target audience, target demographic, goals, objectives and many more.

Unique for every business

A custom website design is unique for every business. Some websites are meant to create a strong brand presence whereas some are designed to generate more leads and sales. Example: eCommerce websites are all about online sales.

Search engine friendly

There are more than 200 factors to improve ranking of your website in search results. Custom websites allow us to take into consideration all those factors individually and improvise search rankings. An SEO friendly website is a seamless combination of good usability helpful & relevant content. With custom design, we are able to optimise this combination to maximum level.

No limitations

A custom website design and development means there are no functional or creative limitations in building your website. You can imagine and implement as many creative ideas as possible. This creates more differentiators between you and your competitors.

Website is online face of your business

Just like how you represent yourself wherever you go and whom you talk to, your website is an online face of your business.

Users are visiting your website everyday and without talking to you, they make their own assumptions whether to contact you or keep searching for what they are looking for. Like a warm smile makes you happy and comfortable to start a communication, a good and effective website design should be inviting and offer relevant information quickly without confusing the user.

A professional Website design will help your business to generate serious leads through your website that may eventually lead to sales.

Webwingz Professional Portfolio

Web design process

It all starts with business analysis and understanding. We hear your story and try to look from your perspective to help us understand what your customer is exactly looking for. Business analysis is followed by the following steps:

  1. Competitive research
  2. Technology validation (to make sure it is compatible with host environment and any third party software)
  3. Wireframing (creating sketches of layouts with actual content)
  4. Design prototyping (user interface design to match the wireframe)
  5. Front end development (where elements of website become functional)
  6. Back end development (CMS, back end admin or database creation if required)
  7. Functional Testing
  8. Compatibility Testing (on cross browsers, operating systems and mobile devices)
  9. Approval and Launch

Customer support

After sales Support is very important in the website design process. Just like your business, your website also evolves with time.

It is important to update your website regularly in terms of technology, content, functionality, imagery, back ups etc. An updated website always succeeds to impress new users and re-visitors as well. Webwingz is proud to offer one of the best after sales support since over a decade. Our response time is between 24 to 72 hours that is the fastest compared to any other digital agency in Sydney you may find.

Content management & maintenance

Our legacy CMS helps you to effortlessly update content all by yourself. It's robust, secured, minimalist and extremely easy to use. Alternately we also work on Wordpress as a CMS.

Website checklist

Although it depends on business to business, every website has its own checklist. There are some general points that you should consider before starting your website project.

  1. Goals and Objectives of the website
  2. Brand representation (colors, fonts, language etc.)
  3. Visual selection
  4. Optimised to load faster
  5. User friendly
  6. Easy navigation
  7. Concise and brief content (grammatically correct that also prevent typos)
  8. Cross browser compatible (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  9. Mobile or device friendly (iOS, Android, Windows)
  10. Search engine friendly
  11. Easy to manage and update content
  12. Enquiry form and saving online leads
  13. Easy to take timely backups (it is important to take regular backup of your website versions)
  14. Email setup for website enquiries or automated responses
  15. Domain setup and proper pointing
  16. SSL certificate integration (it is now mandatory that all websites have SSL installed)
  17. Live chat (if required)
  18. Google analytics integration (free tool that will help you to get your customer insights)
  19. Setup google webmaster account
  20. Google local listing setup

Why should you hire Webwingz?

Quick facts:

  • Pioneering web & mobile technologies since 2000
  • Army of 40 highly skilled technicians
  • Core team members have worked with fortune 500 companies across globe
  • Extremely professional and ethical on commitments and deliveries
  • Known for best after-sales customer support in the industry
  • Have strong focus on research and innovation
  • Strive to build digital landmarks globally
  • Zero tolerance and no compromise on quality

Webwingz philosophy

We follow a simple philosophy which works effectively

  • Plan meticulously
  • Create aesthetically
  • Develop skillfully
  • Execute wisely
  • Deliver timely
  • Sustain bond eternally
  • Working professionally and ethically
  • Committed delivery timelines
  • Anticipate future challenges
  • Maintain honesty and integrity
  • Provide the best customer service
  • Grow together

Web design FAQs

As each website is custom made depending on its functionality, content and support, the cost may vary based on efforts and vendors. But a reasonably good professional and custom website design (6 to 8 pages) can start from $8000.

Website is considered to be an art and every website designer is an artist. The methodology, process, effort, resources and overheads taken by each website design agency is variable. Experience also plays a major role in estimating web design costs. As the experience grows, the website vendor or agency becomes more wise and is capable of preventing mistakes or miscalculations. Hence they may turn out to be expensive as they have experienced resources with them who cost more.

Choosing an agency entirely on the basis of cost might not always work. Experience, quality, references, goodwill, past work and clarity in communication helps to complete and launch a professional website in time and without much re-work.

Website designing can easily be a complete online process. However with increasing competition and variety of pricing options, it is very difficult to ensure that the one you have selected to do the job is genuine, will deliver quality and offer prompt after sales support. Now-a-days it is recommended that you meet at least one person representing the agency to get a feeling of confidence.

Although each website varies based on its functionality, a corporate website design usually takes 4 to 8 weeks. An ecommerce website design timeline could range between 6 to 8 weeks depending on customisation of products and checkout process. Some tips to speed up the process include:

  • Clarity of communication
  • Detailed project contract and terms
  • Timely inputs from stakeholders
  • Timely design and functionality approvals
  • Content preparation
  • Web hosting setup
  • Provisioning for third party dependencies

Yes. Now-a-days most businesses either have outdated websites or are not happy with their current website. 40% of the websites we do are re-designs and re-vamps.

Yes, 100%. If your existing vendor does not offer you the domain and web hosting control panels for your domain, you should request them to provide you with all necessary information related to your website. It is important that you keep transparency in website information irrespective of the personal relationship with your vendor.

Absolutely. We have designed quite a few logos for new businesses and startups. Logo design service is usually not considered as a part of website design (unless mentioned otherwise) and may be charged separately.

We work on almost all platforms available such as Java and .Net (Microsoft). But, predominantly we love working in open source i.e. PHP, MySql, HTML5, JavaScript etc.

Yes. We have full time content writers who can write professional search friendly content for websites or print media.

  • Who provides content and visuals
  • Design changes and limitations
  • Change requests
  • Development platforms
  • Lisence or Third party costs
  • Web hosting scope and costs
  • Support and Maintenance terms
  • IP rights
  • Payment terms & milestones
  • Delivery schedules and timelines
  • Warranty
  • Response times (for both client and vendor)