Magento Open-source or Magento Commerce – What Suits my Business?


More than eCommerce, Magento is the most searched word on Google.

Well, that doesn’t come as a surprise since hundreds of thousands of online businesses around the world use this widely recognised eCommerce platform.

Global leaders like Nike, Coca Cola, North Face, Ford, Samsung have chosen Magento to deliver elevated shopping experiences.

And as per the current stats, there are 240,000 websites successfully running on Magento. While by 2020, the number of online shoppers on Magento is expected to staggeringly increase by 200%.

These are just a few insights that reveal the roaring popularity of this eCommerce platform. Not necessary if it suits all, it will suit your business too. Don’t blindly following the crowd. But, we cannot even deny the fact that Magento is considered to be the best among the options and also comes as a natural choice in most cases. Yes, this can be a real dilemma and not an easy decision to take. However, this article might provide you with clarity about which Magento version to choose that can be best for your kind of business.

For startups and small businesses – Magento Open-source

The market-leading eCommerce platform is for FREE!

which makes it desirable from new to small businesses. Install, edit or use it any way you want, it’s certainly a flexible, highly-scalable and no doubt a sufficient platform to satisfactorily flourish startup or run a small business.

Although the basic capabilities of Magento open source differ from that of the Magento Commerce, it can be customised to offer improved capabilities for the businesses with limited budget. With almost zilch hassle, newly established businesses can quickly and effortlessly spin up an eCommerce web store.

The major drawback of Magento open source is lack of assistance. It might be your big sale day and suddenly if the platform crashes, expect nothing but catastrophe. Misfortune is part and parcel of almost every business, you have to bounce back.

So despite the drawback, Magento open source is an up to snuff eCommerce platform, ideal for the growing needs of the growing business and also cater to customer needs. Open source users can also enhance their capabilities by accessing to a wide range of extensions and themes.

For zealous and full-fledged companies – Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce, the premium version and variation of Magento Enterprise has proven to be the most popular choice.

With this version, Magento offers more functionalities, advanced features, cloud hosting and most importantly 24/7 support and maintenance. Magento Commerce helps to create a customised shopping experience for your customers. Yes, but all this comes with a good price tag.

There are two pricing tiers available for Magento Commerce, you can choose the one that best suits your business needs. Gift cards, gift wrap options, wish list, store credit are some of the exclusive and highlighting features that ensure instant purchases.

Remember with Magento Commerce, nothing is easy and nothing is cheap. In fact, Magento is synonymous to endless updates and those updates don’t come for free. Additional installations have to be made to keep pace with the potential business growth.

Help of technology specialists will be required for maintenance and for some technical support. However, if you are looking for superior eCommerce solutions, Magento Commerce has it all.


There are certainly much more advantages of both Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce which are not listed here. If you are still unsure about your choice, get in touch with our Magento experts for further guidance and to help you in determining which Magento variation rightly fits your business.

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